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Dr. Arthur Furst
Real People, Real Stories

It comes as no surprise that a company over 50 years old would have a very seasoned team of field leadership as well. Solid field leadership is the life blood to any successful company, at GNLD our field leaders have helped countless thousands of individuals build successful businesses and many of those businesses are providing a better way of life for second and third generation family members.

We are the people of GNLD...
People Empowering People®.

As an international company GNLD is currently registered to do business in over 50 countries around the world. Within those 50 countries resides 1 billion of the world’s population. With such a worldwide influence GNLD touches the lives of people from a variety of different backgrounds. While it is true that we may be separated by cultural and language barriers one thing every GNLD distributor has in common is our commitment to the GNLD purpose:

Empowering people to take responsibility for their Health, Self Improvement, and Financial Independence.

  • In the area of Health, we empower people with knowledge and scientifically proven products to maximise your potential for lifelong health.

  • In the area of Self Improvement, we empower people with training, person-to-person support, and simple, time-proven tools that allow you to succeed by being yourself.

  • In the area of Financial Independence, we empower people by providing the keys to controlling your income and quality of life.

Australia - Austria - Bosnia - Botswana - American Samoa - Canada - Croatia - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Ghana - Guam - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Japan - Kenya - Lesotho - Latvia - Mexico - Midway Island - New Zealand - Namibia - Nigeria - Norway - Philippines - Puerto Rico - Romania - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - South Africa - Swaziland - Tanzania - Tobago - Trinidad - Uganda - U.K. - USA - Virgin Island - Wake Island


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